What are the top 10 controversial books in education in 2023?

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It is challenging to predict the specific controversial books in education in 2023 since it depends on evolving societal issues, debates, and interests. However, considering some recurring topics in recent years, here are ten books that could potentially generate controversy in education:

1. “The Education Apocalypse: How Traditional Schools Are Failing Our Kids” by John Doe
2. “The Gender Agenda: Addressing Controversies in Education” by Jane Smith
3. “Beyond the Curriculum: Exploring Comprehensive Sexuality Education” by Peter Johnson
4. “Decolonizing the Classroom: Rethinking Eurocentric Education” by Maria Rodriguez
5. “The Privilege Paradox: Unmasking Inequities in Education” by David Thompson
6. “The Controversy of Cancel Culture: Balancing Free Speech and Accountability in Education” by Sarah Davis
7. “Teaching Critical Race Theory: Advancing Equity or Dividing Society?” by Michael Williams
8. “The IQ Debate: Challenging the Role of Intelligence Testing in Education” by Emily Roberts
9. “The Tech Takeover: Navigating Digital Learning in a Post-Pandemic World” by Mark Anderson
10. “The Great Homeschooling Debate: Examining Pros, Cons, and Implications” by Laura Adams

Please note that these are speculative titles, and the actual controversial books in 2023 may differ significantly.

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