What are the top 10 universities for climate change research in 2023?

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Predicting the top 10 universities for climate change research in 2023 is speculative as it is subject to various factors and can change over time. However, based on historical performance and current prominence, the following universities are renowned for climate change research:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – USA
2. Stanford University – USA
3. University of Cambridge – UK
4. University of California, Berkeley – USA
5. Imperial College London – UK
6. Princeton University – USA
7. ETH Zurich – Switzerland
8. University of Oxford – UK
9. Columbia University – USA
10. Harvard University – USA

Please note that this ranking is based on current information and may not accurately reflect the landscape of climate change research in 2023. Additionally, there are numerous other universities globally that actively contribute to climate change research.

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